Buddenbrookhaus in Lubeck

The elaborately decorated façade of the Buddenbrook House, originally from 1758, reveals much of the self-confidence and wealth of its bourgeois inhabitants, but little of the rich history of the house on its way to one of the most extraordinary literary museums in the world, a house as a walk-in novel. Thus, behind the five windows of the second floor, in the Beletage as part of the permanent exhibition The Buddenbrooks a novel of the century, the "dining room with the figures of the gods" and the "landscape room" await the visitor. It is a unique staging of reality and poetic imagination. You sat in the landscaped room on the first floor of the sprawling old house ... The strong and elastic wallpaper separated from the walls by an empty room showed extensive landscapes, delicate like the thin carpet that covered the floor, idyllic in taste of the eighteenth century, with cheerful winemakers, industrious farmers, nicely bowed shepherdesses, who kept pure lambs in the lap by the mirroring water, or kissed tenderly with shepherds.

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