Beauty, Hair and Health in Lubeck

What’s a holiday without the perfect spa break? Lubeck offers it’s tourists some very luxurious spa hotels and places that offer nice massages. If you are looking to relax the spa break is the perfect way to calm your mind. The increasing popularity of these kinds of breaks is not accidental. The busy life of people nowadays leeds to them to the spa salon so they can be harmonized and happy after that.

Beauty Concept Spa

Beauty Concept Spa in Lubeck

In a place where you can enjoy your own individual break. A place where there are no clocks. And where you are fully in the center. For we are solely and solely there to make you feel good, to help you achieve individual beauty and new wellbeing. And all this with our skills and a concept based on the holistic view of body, mind and soul.
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Morgenrot Massage und Spa Park

Morgenrot Massage und Spa Park in Lubeck

Welcome! Traditional Chinese massage has been practiced for over 4000 years. Through the various Chinese massage techniques blockages of the energy pathways are dissolved and the flow of energy promoted, but organs are positively influenced. 
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Salon Fisch Spa & Wellness

Salon Fisch Spa & Wellness in Lubeck

We offer individual, customer-oriented massage techniques of a special kind that can even touch your soul! In combination with seductive natural aroma oils (only in organic quality) it leads to noticeable improvements of many body functions and increases your efficiency. With the help of hot lava stones, the natural energy flow of your body is strengthened, which leads to the deep relaxation of the soul.
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