Attractions and Places to Visit in Lubeck

Enter Lübeck through the arch of the Holstentor gate, one of Germany's most photographed monuments. Today, reaching into ablue sky, its tilting towers remind people of something from a child's fairy tale. This magnificent symbol of the city that once graced every 50-mark note leads into an old town packed with wonderful museums, huge red-brick churches, pretty lanes and riverside walks. Today Lübeck feels like a sleeping beauty but this was the city that dominated northern European trade in the Middle Ages, defied a campaigning Hitler in 1932 and was the birthplace of three Nobel Prize winners. The Holstentor was built in 1477 but never saw any defensive action – when Napoleon attacked in 1806 he did so from the north. Its excellent museum explores Lübeck's reign as queen of the Hanseatic League, a trading cartel.

Buddenbrookhaus in Lubeck


The elaborately decorated façade of the Buddenbrook House, originally from 1758, reveals much of the self-confidence and wealth of its bourgeois inhabitants, but little of the rich history of the house...
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Holstentor in Lubeck


In addition to the Brandenburg Gate, the Cologne Cathedral and the Munich Liebfrauenkirche, there is hardly any other German building that enjoys such popularity worldwide as the Lübeck Holstentor.
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Lubeck Cathedral in Lubeck

Lübeck Cathedral

The history of the Lübeck Cathedral is closely linked to Henry the Lion, Duke of Saxony. He clarified the balance of power in the area north of the Elbe. Count Adolf von Schauenburg was his feudal lord...
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